Netlist Comparator

The netlist comparator detects differences between any two netlist files: a schematic netlist, an extracted netlist from layout, or between versions of any two netlists. This program facilitates a direct comparison of connectivity between the logical and physical expressions of a design.
  • Compare a schematic and a layout of the same circuit
  • Compare two versions of a layout
  • Violations and inconsistencies labeled on physical layout and schematics
The Phase Three Logic Netlist Comparator provides fast, convenient means of detecting layout errors.

The Netlist Comparator compares the netlists from two circuits to determine if they are the same. It labels the transistors and nodes where correspondence could not be found and indicates the nature of the inconsistencies. One common use of the Netlist Comparator is to compare a netlist obtained from a schematic of a circuit with a netlist extracted from the physical layout of the circuit. The Netlist Comparator checks for corresponding transistor and node connections, for corresponding node names, and also verifies that corresponding transistors are the same size and type.

Checking your design in this manner ensures that your circuit layout has the same physical properties as the equivalent logic design that you developed with the design tools and verified through simulation.

The Netlist Comparator also provides a quick method of comparing two different versions of a schematic or of a layout. For example, it can compare two netlists with over 2000 transistors each in less than one minute.

In either of these cases, all you need to run the comparison is a netlist file for each version of the circuit, obtained from the Phase Three schematic-to-netlist file translator or the circuit extractor, respectively.


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