Hierarchical VLSI layout editor

VALE (VLSI Advanced Layout Editor)

VALE is an advanced, mask layout editor for use in creating mask files for fabricating VLSI chips. It combines the simplicity of creating layout geometry with paint, and the convenience of using objects to define often-modified circuit elements like wires. Multiple bit-planes and color aid you in distinguishing the mask layers of the chip from one another. A versatile set of commands and a "mouse"-controlled cursor allow you to interactively create cell layouts, which can then be combined hierarchically to form the final design for the chip. The command set also includes a powerful set of commands for creating and routing wires.
VALE allows you to create layout cells and connect them together with wires. Typically, you use the editor to build cells and combinations of cells to form registers, arrays, and other regular structures. You can then use these layout cells to build higher-level circuit functions.
Available on Solaris platform. GDS and CIF file conversion software is included.
VALE screen shot: provides user friendly layout of physical geometry, and is both hierarchical and user configurable


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