EDIF Tools

CF/EDIF Provides Schematic Translations to and from EDIF 2 0 0 and CapFast File Formats

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The CapFast EDIF tools provide engineers the flexibility to use their CapFast created schematics with any CAE system that supports EDIF 2 0 0. Engineers can translate their CapFast schematics into the EDIF format or convert schematics from another CAE system supporting EDIF 2 0 0 into CapFast schematics. The CapFast EDIF tools are composed of two programs: CF/EDIF-W, the writer; and CF/EDIF-R, the reader.

CF/EDIF-W (Writer)

CF/EDIF-W lets you translate your CapFast schematics into the EDIF 2 0 0 format. Here are a few of its powerful features:
  1. A choice of EDIF Keyword level 0 or 1, producing easily readable or compacted output.
  2. Ability to control extraction through the use of property qualifiers and simple command line options.
  3. Assignment of EDIF properties to power ports by simple command line options.
  4. Three printing styles including indented (LISP pretty print style), newline (unindented) and compact.
  5. Three renaming schemes.

CF/EDIF-R (Reader)

CF/EDIF-R lets you translate schematics from the EDIF format into the CapFast file format. This allows a schematic created on a design system that supports the EDIF format to be displayed and edited with the CapFast schematic editor.

Easy To Use

Designers will find the CapFast CF/EDIF tools easy to use. Just type in the command name and the desirable options, and the CapFast EDIF software does the rest. It's fast and powerful. Most options, such as the printer options or the extraction controls, require only one or two keystrokes.

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