My Personal Testimony - Part II

During the past three years since I wrote my first testimony on Veicon Technology, God has blessed the business with many new customers. Now Veicon has customers in ten states in the United States. Recently Veicon received a contract award from the Santa Clara County Library to install and support more than 300 V-Link terminals in nine county libraries. When the tragic terrorist attacks of September 11 happened in 2001, the hotel market virtually disappeared suddenly, but God gave me the wisdom of finding new markets in the absence of the hotel market. Now Veicon is doing most of its business in the library and hospital markets, while waiting for a recovery of the hotel and other consumer markets. Please see some samples of Veicon customer testimonials at:

Even in the current difficult economic times, God has blessed His business Veicon with many new customers, new employees and wisdom and tenacity to continue. Veicon's business is expect to grow steadily, and I remain as a faithful servant and steward for Him, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Hallelujah! God bless you!

PS: The author is currently serving as a deacon for the Village Baptist Church in Beaverton, Oregon. He can be reached at Veicon Technology, Inc., 1600 N.W. 167th Place, Suite 345, Beaverton, Oregon 97006, U.S.A. **updated in November, 2002**

V-Link in action at JCDL World Conference 2002
With Dr. Stanley Tam at his United Plastics factory,
Lima, Ohio