Phase Three Logic Adds Department of Navy to its Installed Base for Sneak Circuit Analysis Tool (CapFast/SCAT)
CapFast/SCAT ™ software tool assists in the diagnosis of sneak circuit problems in aerospace and automotive industries

Beaverton, Oregon, USA Phase Three Logic, a high tech software businessy in Beaverton, Oregon, recently delivered its CapFast/SCAT ™ software to the Department of Navy, Indian Head Division in Indian Head, Maryland. Phase Three Logic's CapFast/SCAT™ is designed to detect sneak paths in electronic circuits and SCAT™ stands for Sneak Circuit Analysis Tool. Sneak circuits (often referred to as latent circuit paths) are electrical paths that can cause unwanted functions to occur or inhibit desired functions from occurring, even when no component failure is assumed to have taken place. CapFast/SCAT™ can play a vital role in the identification of sneak circuits which have been known to cause catastrophic failures in areas such as automotive systems and may have been instrumental in causing subsystem failures in airplanes and space systems, resulting in fatal crashes.

Phase Three Logic's four years of joint R & D efforts with SoHaR, Inc. in Beverly Hills, California resulted in a state of the art sneak circuit analysis tool which is available on the Microsoft Windows 95 or NT platforms. Early versions of SCAT ™ were developed under contract to the United States Air Force, Rome Laboratories in New York. Phase Three Logic is the only company in the world offering software for sneak circuit analysis on the Microsoft Windows platforms.

CapFast/SCAT, an automated sneak circuit analysis tool, is now used by many leading aerospace and automotive companies including Ford Motors, The Boeng Company, Kennedy Space Center, Lockheed Martin, ITC (Innovative technology Corporation) and Hughes.

Phase Three Logic, a software technology business into its fourteenth year of leadership and excellence in Beaverton, Oregon lists among its numerous CapFast and CapFast/EPICS customers such companies as Mitsubishi Electric Co., Los Alamos National Labs, Royal Greenwich Observatory, Allied Signal Aerospace, General Dynamics, Thomas Jefferson Laboratory, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, NASA-Langley Research Center and many other technology driven organizations. Current customers using CapFast/SCAT ™ software also include Ford Motors, Hughes, Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, and many others.
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