Phase Three Logic Releases New Versions of CapFast
and releases its interface software source code

Beaverton, Oregon, USA - Phase Three Logic announces the new release of its CapFast software. The release includes CapFast Win32 (Windows 32-bit for Windows 95 or NT) and UNIX versions (for Solaris and HP-UX). Phase Three Logic's CapFast product line features both the unbundled schematic entry software as well as integrated design assurance software. Phase Three Logic's products address a wide range of electronic design uses, with systems tailored for both PLD/FPGA/PCB, ASIC design and process control systems and wiring diagram applications. The basic schematic design package includes a hierarchical schematic editor, a symbol editor, extensive symbol libraries, a plotting program, and utilities such as partslist and packager programs..

The released interface software source code also includes the following modules: PCB layout system interfaces, simulator interfaces, schematic translator, general tools (parts list generators, component packagers, etc.), PLD/FPGA interfaces, waveform display tools, VHDL interface, and plotting tools. Also included are the Programmable Netlist Libraries (PNL) in the form of ‘C' library functions. Benefits of the released interface source code include:
  • CapFast users can enhance the interface software for their special requirements such as back-annotation without waiting for Phase Three Logic's own enhancements
  • CapFast users can create their own custom interfaces based on the released source codes

All of these interface source codes are available at no charge, and anyone can download the software from the company's web site.

Phase Three Logic, a software technology business into its fourteenth year of leadership and excellence in Beaverton, Oregon lists among its numerous CapFast customers such companies as Mitsubishi Electric Co., Los Alamos National Labs, Lockheed-Martin, Loral Aerospace, Ford Motors, U.S. Navy and many other technology driven organizations. Current customers using CapFast/SCAT ™ ™ software also include Ford, Raytheon, Lockheed, the US Navy, and many others.

For more information, please access Phase Three Logic's Home Page at or contact Dr. Chong Lee at 503-645-1551, fax 503-645-2072 or E-mail: Phase Three Logic is located at 15201 NW Greenbrier Pkwy, Bdg B5, Beaverton, OR 97006- USA


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