A Testimony by a User of CapFast/SCAT, World's First Commercially Available

Sneak Circuit Analysis Tool

I have successfully utilized CapFast/SCAT to provide a viable and complete solution to my sneak circuit analysis project. I feel I have a very good working knowledge of the principles and details of CapFast/SCAT and I am quite happy to have good confidence in the results of the sneak circuit analysis. My experience verifies that CapFast/SCAT is in principal and in practice a great tool for sneak analysis. The SCAT algorithm is solid as far as I can verify. Speaking of tech support, I cannot say enough good about it. It has really been the backbone of my success. Phase Three Logic’s tech support team has done an outstanding job of coming up with solid answers to all kinds of specific technical questions in a timely manner, consistently, over an extended period of time. SoHaR’s tech support team has been doing the same.

Written by a United States Government Customer for CapFast/SCAT who used the product for sneak circuit analyses for a U.S. government project, October 1996.

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