Schematic Capture and Interface Tools

Windows Version

> CF3000 & CF3000W - hierarchical schematic design package & interface tools

General Description


> Intuitive User Interface

CapFast is a state-of-the-art schematic capture tool that offers you workstation-class features and the ability to completely translate schematics to the EDA workstation environment. CapFast's powerful schematic editor provides high-performance capabilities and, speed, fexibility and compatibility with other platforms save you time and let you deliver high-quality schematics.

> Advanced Property Handling

With CapFast, you can assign an unlimited number of properties to a symbol quickly and easily. These properties can be used in applications as diverse as rules checking, timing analysis, PCB layout, and simulator netlist generation.

> Extensive User Customization

CapFast lets you define macros, modify menus and color maps, as well as customize symbols and environmental settings. You have the ability of using automatic backup and automatic element naming, in addition to a host of other options.

> ASCII Databases

Open databases and ASCII file formats allow you to easily integrate files with your own applications and those of other vendors. Databases, commands, and menus are 100% compatible with the CapFast UNIX workstation tools.

> EDIF 2 0 0 Tools

CapFast's EDIF tools let you download symbols from an EDA workstation without the loss of property information. Then you can create your shematic using CapFast and fully translate the schematic to the EDA workstation.

> Top-down or Bottom-up Design Capabilities

Solve design problems by using the best design procedure. CapFast offers you a choice.

> PCB Interfaces

CapFast interfaces to popular PCB layout tools such as RACAL-REDAC, Scicards, Pads, Tango, and P-Cad. CapFast also includes a back-annotator for Pads-PCB.

> Hierarchical Multi-page Schematic Editor

CapFast allows you to represent a schematic page as a symbol and then connect it to a higher-level schematic. You can creat unlimited levels of hierarchy with support for multiple pages at any level within the hierarchy.

> Simulator Interfaces

Interfaces to popular simulators such as Spice, HSpice, PSpice, ISS Spice, HILO, and SUSIE are included. You can also extract data from simulator output files for waveform analysis.

> On-line Electrical Rules Checker

Accuracy is enhanced with the on-line electrical rules checker that checks for floating inputs, unconnected outputs, outputs and inputs connected together on the same symbol, multiple outputs connected together, outputs connected to GND and VCC, wire-to-port width mismatches, and shorted wires


CapFast is trademark of Phase Three Logic. All other trademarks are acknowledged.

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